About Catherine Mayhew

Catherine MayhewI love all things food and all things involving massive amounts of fire and meat. I have written the Handy Mom’s Guide to Grilling (Cool Springs Press), which attempts to get women, particularly moms, to conquer their fear of the flame. In my previous food lives, I was a restaurant critic and syndicated food writer for the Charlotte Observer. I am also a member of a competition barbeque team, Chicks in Charge, and I’m a master judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society. I am the proud owner of five grills/smokers: a Weber Kettle, a Weber Baby-cue, a Weber Smokey Mountain (bullet smoker), a Char-Broil Pro gas grill and, my pride and joy, a large Big Green Egg. My husband, Mark, and my son, Noah, are my recipe testers.


3 responses to “About Catherine Mayhew

  1. Hello,
    I just put you and Terrell on my Edwardian blog about people who have style and you do!
    Hope you are doing well, I am off to France for a couple of weeks to relax and visit old haunts I stayed at during the summers of the 1950’s.
    ~ Howard “Krystal Eatin; ” Lewis

  2. Hi, Cathy: Remember me from the good old days at The O. Got the lead to you and this site from JoAnn Grose. Glad to see you’re still cookin’ up a storm. Congrats. I’m retired and hanging in there.
    With warm regards,

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